Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trendy and Sophisticated Hairstyles for Men

Haircut Styles presents Trendy and Sophisticated Hairstyles for Men
The definition of fashion can be mended and molded according to one’s style and preferences these days. People love to experiment with different hairstyles so as to add grace and trendy look to their personality. Even men want to make their hair look stylish and funky. Today hairstyles for men can range from textured and long hair to tight and short ones.

Medium Haircut for Men

© Mark Dye / PR Photos

The different types of men’s hairstyles include:

• Short hairstyles- This looks classy and trendy. The sub categories under the section of short hairstyles are the fade, clipper and spike cuts. These hairstyles are in fashion these days as men do not need to care much for these short cum sophisticated hairstyle.
Short Haircut for Men

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• Caesar cut
- This hairstyle is short from all sides with upward and forward pushed bangs. Caesar cut goes great with spikes. This haircut is especially for those who want to have a chilled out attitude.

• Medium Hairstyle
- Wild and messy look works best with the medium length hair. It is the best and easy to maintain hairstyle for the professional men.

• Longer Hairstyle
- Keeping the hair long or going with the layer cutting looks best with the longer hair. It adds an effective and elegant look to the personality of the men.

• Rock Disco Hairstyle
- this type of hairstyle is flat along with middle parting or splitting. This hairstyle is best for those who are possessed with thick and healthy hair.

So, according to the quality of the hair and one’s personal interests, men can easily opt for any trendy yet sophisticated hairstyle.