Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fringe Hair Tips

Haircut Styles presents Fringe Hair Tips
Fringe hair is very much back in fashion and the look for 2008 as Kate Moss has gone and done the fringe cut. The fringe cut definitely suits those that have oval and even some of those that have round faces. Those who have large and wide foreheads can in fact close the gap with a great fringe. Fringe looks great in any color whether it’s blond, auburn, brown or black.
Fringe Hairstyle

© Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos
Fringes can be worn really sleek, to being soft to a really great tousled (out of the bed look). They can be worn short, chin length and even shoulder length. Don’t however try to create the look from the 1980’s, when the perm was really in as it doesn’t go with the fringe.
Fringe Hair

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The blunt fringe is the safest choice for women to wear. Blunt cut thick fringe remains a really popular way to wear the fringe. The pixie look for the fringe is ultra stylish but very boyish cut. This kind of fringe hairstyle needs oodles of confidence to carry off.
Blunt Fringe Hair

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While the Kate Moss fringe is very long that is almost covering the eye. This style is quite daring look for the evening but not so great for the everyday office work.
Fringe Haircut

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