Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Haircut Styles: When to Wear Formal Hair

Haircut Styles presents When to Wear Formal Hair
Did you ever asked yourself for which occasions should you wear formal hair, but didn't get the answer? Well in next few sentences we'll explain which occasions demand formal hair.

The first one is of course wedding. It really doesn't matter whether it's your wedding or not. The rule is to have a formal hair for such a special occasions as wedding definitely is! But we all know that not all the weddings are the same. If the wedding is organized in a »Hawaiian way« which means it's much less formal, than some kind of casual outlook will do just fine. But when we speak about traditional church wedding, formal hair is almost a must!

The next formal occasion that needs formal hair is Prom. Majority of girls wear formal hairstyle for the Prom night.

A dinner in a fancy restaurant is also nice opportunity to shine with formal hairstyle.The dress code for such a occasion isn't so strict as with weddings, so combining your hairstyle with a nice evening dress would do just fine.

Many types of social meetings also demand some kind of formal outfit. Let's name just few occasions that demand formal hair. Fundraising events, charity auctions, formal cocktail party etc.