Monday, April 7, 2008

Haircut Styles: Dark to Blonde

Haircut Styles presents Dark to Blonde
Is it possible to get blonde hair, if your hair is dark?
Well the answer is very simple, of course it's possible, but you'll got to have a lot of patience.
If you never dyed your hair before, then getting blonde hair really shouldn't be a problem, you can get nice blonde color in about 3 weeks time. But you'll have to follow one simple rule. Just one application of bleach every week. Never two or more. It might happen that you'll need a blonde toner, but that's easy to get in your store or pharmacy.

But if your hair is already colored, then the best solution would be to try to grow your hair as much as you can bare it. But if you want quick results, then try with the high level of the peroxide. But you got to know that usually you wont find peroxide higher than 5% in a shop. So the best solution would be to visit some hair salon, where professionals would take care of your hair, they also have stronger peroxide up to 12%(which is the blondest peroxide).But you have to be aware of the fact that the peroxide can damage you hair and there could literally be no other way to repair the hair damage apart from cutting off you hair and leave it growing back again.
Haircut Styles will be back soon!