Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Haircut Styles: Red Is Hot

Haircut Styles Summer 2008 presents Red Is Hot
Maybe you didn't notice but the facts is there is more and more redheads in the streets and as it seems red is really becoming huge trend this summer! Red hair is also becoming more and more popular with top celebrities. And we have to admit that majority of girls who decided to dye their hair red, look very pretty. Julianne Moore, for example, looks simply amazing with her natural honey red hair. And this year we're starting to see reddish tones within brunettes, also!Redheads look so intelligent, mysterious, passionate, glamorous, hot and sexy!

Ashlee Simpson is also sporting red this spring. She admits that she feels superb wearing red colored hair. Ashlee's hair color could be described as ginger red, this type of color is very grateful because it enables girls to go from blond to ginger red and then back to blond in very short time!