Sunday, February 24, 2008

Haircut styles: Taking care of your hair isn't cheap

Haircut styles presents few facts and figures regarding hair-care expenses
According to the latest study conducted by TRESemme, women in United Kingdom are spending a lot more money on their haircuts than they believe they do. According to this study, the average British woman spends about Ł27,722. 52 on her hair in her life. (That is equal to over $50,000.00 U.S, Dolars. ).
It’s the equivalent of putting a kid through college or buying a fancy car. Women spend an average of Ł83.88 ($160+ U. S. dollars) just for buying shampoos and conditioners in a single year. When you collect all the expenses - Ł59. 16 ($120+ U. S. ) for styling products and Ł260. 00 ($520+ U. S. ) for haircuts - we get a significant yearly expense. And for about 55 percentage of women, the price is increased by Ł166. 50 ($330+ U. S. ) each year to hold their hair colored they way they want.

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